5 Tips to Prevent Data Breaches in 2022

5 Tips to Prevent Data Breaches in 2022


From IT firms to e-commerce businesses, data security is an essential element for all organizations across the globe. Even if you are running a startup company, there is a good chance that your data may become vulnerable to hackers on the internet. Apart from phishing attacks, ransomware, and spyware, many other privacy risks can breach your company’s confidential information. For this reason, we have put together 5 effective tips to ensure data security and prevent the risk of data breaches. 

How to Avoid the Risk of Data Breaches?

Check out our 5 best practices to prevent data breaches at your company:

Invest in Security Software

The first step to preventing breaches of your company’s data is to purchase security software. Next, your software should be automated to run continuously on all systems. From anti-spyware and anti-virus to firewalls, it is essential to incorporate new tools for enhanced protection against data breaches. Some of the most effective tools for data protection are as follows:

Canopy: Suitable for businesses that need a data breach response software that could notify the concerned persons about cyber incidents and ways to fix them.

Securiti: Best for companies that are looking for a tool that enables data protection and additional privacy for sensitive data on SaaS, multi-cloud, and other on-premise environments. 

TrustArc: Ideal for organizations to automate their privacy software for improved framework, intelligence, operations, and insights associated with data security.

Restrict Access to Your Critical Data

Instead of sharing confidential information with all the team members of your company, you need to limit their access to critical data. For example, your company’s financial data should be accessible to employees from the finance department only. Similarly, hiring records and payroll information should be limited to HR persons. This is because even employees of an organization can become a source of a data breach in exchange for financial rewards by third-party companies or competitors. Therefore, access to data should be given to a few trustworthy people from the relevant departments only.

Create More Awareness

Since many people are not aware of the causes of data breaches, companies should work on training their employees so they could learn different ways to secure data. Leaving your employees uninformed about cyber security attacks increases their vulnerability to interception by intruders. Therefore, you must ensure that your team members change their passwords regularly and use alphanumeric characters to strengthen their passwords. This way, hackers will find it tricky to access email accounts and devices if the passwords are difficult to decipher. 

As most organizations are likely to exchange emails with customers and clients throughout the day, there is a high chance that your employees may receive suspicious emails very often. Besides, phishing attacks can be avoided by educating people about secure and unsecured attachments and ways to detect them. Even emails coming from colleagues, online payment processors, and auction sites can be a source of phishing attempts. Hence, IT personnel should be trained to identify illegitimate emails and websites and restrict employees’ access to them accordingly.

Work on Your Security Policies and Protocols

Organizations should come up with new security policies and protocols regularly to protect their data. For example, upgrading to an improved IT infrastructure, VPNs, and firewalls can help secure the company’s data from data breaches. Similarly, IT professionals should be hired to monitor web traffic on each device and enable security patches to identify vulnerabilities and fix security holes. 

Apart from this, security standards should be updated consistently. For instance, even if authorized users are trying to access certain data, they should request permission and wait for approval from the relevant department. 

Switch to a Secure Internet Connection

The simplest way to ensure that your business remains safe from data breaches is to switch to Spectrum Internet. The provider promises to provide the privacy and security you are looking for! If you have any concerns regarding the service, feel free to reach out to Spectrum Servicio al cliente. As long as your internet provider offers a secure wired connection that can’t be accessed by intruders or hackers, you don’t have to worry about security risks anymore.

Besides, it allows its subscribers to access the internet security suite without any additional charges. This way, you can sort out any security or connectivity issues that may arise with your internet connection. All you need to do is, call numero de Spectrum to establish an internet connection to keep up with your company’s speed, performance, bandwidth, and security requirements.

The Bottom Line

Protecting an organization from data breaches can be very challenging for many companies in the US. However, it can be simplified by following our expert advice. As long as you are taking all the precautionary measures for your data security, you can significantly minimize the number of cyber risks and threats that you may encounter otherwise. Lastly, having a safe internet connection is the key to running your company successfully with minimal chances of privacy intrusions over the internet.  

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