Why Pallet Inverters are Needed by Printing and Converting Companies?

Why Pallet Inverters are Needed by Printing and Converting Companies?

Whenever a pallet has to be turned, pallet inverters will be essential because they can provide smooth transfers and that can be done by either pushing a button or pulling a certain lever.

You can certainly reduce your waste and boost the efficiency of your operation by using a certain pallet inverter. Get dedicated pallet inverters for your business customized for your operation with the help of Top Industries Engineers.

Pallet load inverters can also eliminate your need to manually stack and re-stack your pallets, which can reduce any risk of damaging products, and hence now your workers will spend more time doing other important tasks.

Basic uses of pallet inverters

As the specific applications of pallet changers may vary from one industry to another, the following are some of the basic applications of pallet inverters:

  • Get rid of damaged product beneath the pallet load.
  • Removing and replacing damaged pallets.
  • Exchanging wooden and plastic pallets.
  • Rotating or inverting products for proper storage.

Benefits of buying a pallet inverter

Pallet inverters can surely enhance your company’s efficiency and also save you money and time. The following are a few primary benefits of using a certain pallet inverter for rotating and transferring your product:

  1. Reduce the risk of injury

Workers are more likely to get an injury at work if they have to lift and move large items by hand. Pallet inverters offer an automated procedure that rotates loaded pallets in a safer manner.

  1. Reduce the risk of product damage

Before storing or transporting goods to clients, you can replace damaged pallets with others thanks to pallet inverters, which reduces the risk of product damage. Using damaged loaded pallets when moving them poses an unnecessary risk to both your personnel and your merchandise, which may be avoided by using pallet inverters.

Main functions of pallet inverters

  1. Pallet inverters can operate independently or be connected to a logistic system employing conveying technologies such as roller conveyors or plastic belts.
  2. They can also be outfitted with jogging and aerating units, which enable them to perform other jobs like:
  • Accelerating your drying process of all printed products
  • Aligning your sheets by using an aligning gauge
  • The waste sheets removal by the operator
  • Easy Pallet exchange by hand, which also includes the replacement of wooden pallets with other system pallets for your non-stop pallet process
  • When equipped with any centering device then centering the pile on your pallet
  • Separating sticking sheets before the printing process

Advantages of using pallet inverters in the packaging industry

The packaging business, the printing sector, and the cardboard conversion industry are all expanding quickly, and they all anticipate better and quicker outcomes.

Pallet inverters have proven to be a much more sensible investment as they can:

  • Speed up and improve the printing quality and the finishing process
  • Handle different types of paper and board
  • Increase productivity and safety
  • Provide a compact and solid solution
  • Avoid misfeeds with the creation of air cushions between the sheets

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