Kajabi Review: The Best “One-Stop Shop” for Holding Online Classes and Groups

Kajabi Review: The Best “One-Stop Shop” for Holding Online Classes and Groups

This Kajabi review comes from the perspective of someone who has spent over 20 years in the online education field. This Kajabi review is provided from the standpoint of using Kajabi as a course, membership, and coaching platform, even if there are many other reviews available.

To begin, it’s worth noting that although most people who are reading this review will be aware with the word Kajabi, they may not have a full grasp of what it refers to. Well, let’s get things off by answering some questions. The kajabi free trial is essential there.

So, tell me, what exactly is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a “one-stop shop” web-based software platform for creating, hosting, promoting, and selling electronic products. The term “all-in-one” refers to the fact that it provides an exhaustive array of features for:

  • Building a site that looks good and functions well professionally is straightforward.
  • Create and offer a range of digital products including courses, subscriptions, and coaching programs.
  • Making use of sales pages and sales funnels can help you promote and sell more of your products.
  • Get customers to your landing pages and sales funnels by sending and managing email marketing campaigns.
  • Allow clients to make purchases on your website and choose the cost of the items they want to buy.

Is Kajabi used by anyone?

Kajabi’s target audience consists of those who own valuable information or instructional materials that they intend to package and sell over the web and/or mobile devices. As used in this context, the term “knowledge worker” usually refers to consultants, lecturers, writers, trainers, and others who make a living by sharing their expertise and the intellectual property (IP) they create.

To what end does Kajabi serve?

Kajabi facilitates the “productization” of intellectual property, which generates an additional and often more scalable stream of income.

They select Kajabi because they don’t want to have to put together numerous software solutions for each of the aforementioned talents, even though there are other ways to commercialise intellectual property. This is a common motivation among those who use Kajabi. They may not have the technical skills required, or they could think their time would be better spent elsewhere.

All of the features described so far are available in Kajabi. Another method to examine its utility is to consider the products and services it may replace by consolidating their functionality within itself. This is a different angle from which to consider its use.


Kajabi’s ultimate goal is to become a true “all-in-one” platform, and the firm is working hard to get there by adding new capabilities and improving the ones it already has. This is why we’ve included it as the second all-in-one platform in our roundup of the best online course platforms.

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